Barbeque Menu 2018

All of our meats are cooked on an authentic charcoal barbeque for that proper smokey flavour.

We have a range of options, but are open to suggestions (as with all our menus!). At the bottom of the page we have an alternative barbeque menu and also a printable version of the menu below. Enjoy!

Menu Option 1:

On the Barby

Choose 3 dish from the following:

Beef burgers,

Gourmet sausage selection,

Cajun chicken breast,

Gammon steak with pineapple,

Vegetarian sweet potato parcels,

Glazed Pork belly,

Salmon parcels.

And 4 side orders from the following page


£19.00 per person


Menu Option 2:

On the Barby

Home-made English steak burgers,

Selection of gourmet sausages,

Pork loin braised and finished on the barby,

Sweet Potato parcels filled with Mascarpone cheese and pesto.

Swordfish steaks (enough for half the group)

Chicken kebabs with a satay sauce, (enough for half the group)

Plus 5 side orders from the following page


£21.50 per person


Menu Option 3

On the Barby

Home-made English steak burgers

Selection of gourmet sausages

Rib-eye steak

Tuna fish steak

Chicken breast with a BBQ glaze

Plus 6 side orders from the following page


£25.50 per person


Additional dishes (included in the price)


On arrival

Mixed Olives and Feta cheese, Spring rolls with hoi sin dipping sauce, Samosas.


Side orders:

Please choose four side orders for menu option 1, five side orders for menu option 2 or               

six side orders for menu option 3.


Plain coleslaw,

Spicy Coleslaw with cheese and Jalapeños,

Beetroot, tomato and red onion,

Melon, cucumber and mint,

Mixed leaf salad dressed in Caesar dressing,

Pasta and three bean salad with vinaigrette,

Pasta, ham and mayonnaise,

Warm buttered new potatoes with mint,

Potato salad with home-cooked ham and mayonnaise,

Organic white baguette,

Focaccia garlic bread,

Jacket potatoes with butter.



(please choose 2 for groups of 15-20 people or 3 for 20-30)

Fresh Fruit Salad,

Black Forest Gateaux,

Large Crème Brulee (Vanilla, Bailey’s, or Raspberry),

Sticky Toffee pudding (the best in town!) with scoops of vanilla ice-cream,

Mini Pavlova’s topped with either summer fruits, strawberries or mango and passionfruit.

All prices include canapés on arrival and buffet style desserts.
If you do not want desserts please take £3 off the price.


For a printable copy, and somewhat easier to understand version, of the above menu, please click here.
And for an alternative barbeque menu please click here.


Prices accurate as from November 2018