Celebration Cakes

Here are a few of the cakes Wendy has made (before Thomas arrived!). They are mostly for friends and family, but she is happy to make them for customers, given enough warning!


'Linda's Cake'

A 12" Vanilla sponge cake with a 4" chocolate cake on top, then covered in vanilla and chocolate butter icing. Decorated with white Regal Ice and multi coloured stripes and flowers. A 60th 'bling' decoration gave it more height. Matching candles were added later. £120

'Jenny's Cake'

A similar idea to the cake below. A 12" chocolate sponge cake, covered in chocolate butter icing with Cadbury's 99 Flakes added, Cadbury's Giant Buttons and Milky Bar Buttons. M and M's were used as colourful spacers. Finished with chocolate ganache and piped pink writing, a butterfly and matching candles. £100  

Chocolate Heaven

'Chocolate Heaven' 

Chocolate spo

nge cake with chocolate butter icing through the middle and all over. Covered in milk and white Maltesers, held together with '99' Flakes and blue ribbons. 9" square cake, £85


Mike's cake 'Happy Birthday Mike'

     Vanilla sponge with vanilla butter icing and strawberry jam filling. Coated in more butter icing and Regal Ice. Simple decoration, finished with blue-for-boys ribbon. 8" round cake, £25.00





Nan's 90th

    'Nan's 90th'

              A two tier cake, covered in royal icing and iced hand-made flowers.







40th Anniversary

'Ruby Anniversary'

Alan's Aunte and Uncle's Wedding anniversary celebration cake. 






Wilton icing      'Wilton Ice'

                              Made on a cake course this year at Need a cake, Woodley. This cake is iced  purely  with an American style icing. All decoration was piped.





Flower cluster

 flower detail

 Chloe Dobbs

 'Chloe Dobbs'

Naming ceramony cake for a lovely little girl and daughter to a regular customer.




                                                                                                        'Mum's 60thMum's 60th'

In the mist of a snowy december, it felt appropriate to add some spring yellow with butterflies to my Mum's 60th birthday cake






  Welcome Emelia

 'Welcome Emelia'

My first naming ceramony cake for my 3rd niece.





Butterflies upclose

Butterfly cakes

 'Butterfly cakes' 

 A commision to bake a dozen cupcakes for a girls 18th birthday. I would have prefered pink cupcake cases but they were out of stock.



Bunnie cups 'Bunnie Cups'

Carrot cakes should only ever be decorrated with white fluffy bunnies, in my opinion! These were made for the Macmillan coffee morning, held for the first time this year.





Macmillan cups

 'Macmillan cups'

A small sample of the 220+ cupcakes that were made, to help raise £431.50. Marshmallow, strawberry, lavender, lemon, vanilla and of course, chocolate, which sold out in record time. 






 Range of 2011 cupcakes

A selection of cupcakes from the 2011Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Chocolate Orange with Almaond was a favourite. Lavender returned for another year and was a near winner, but you can't beat plain old Chocolate!