Lunch Menu

Below are some examples of our rather large and tempting lunch time menu, available 12-2 p.m. Monday to Saturday.


 The Menu

Traditional English Ploughman’s lunch                                                                                               

Freshly baked Sour dough, or Multigrain, baguette served with mixed salad garnish,  country style chutney, and pickled baby onions. With a choice of either mixed local cheeses  - £7.95; or home cooked ham - £7.25.  Or enjoy it as filled baguette - £7.50.  Please specify. 

Home-cooked Ham £7.50 

With a fried egg and gourmet chunky chips. Served with mixed salad, dressed in our own house dressing. An extra egg - £1   GF

Free Range Omelettes (Served with our House dressed mixed salad).   All GF 

Cheddar cheese, ham and sliced tomato £7.50 

Brie and smoked bacon  £7.50 

Sautéed field mushrooms with Stilton cheese V    £7.75

Breakfast omelette– Bacon, mushroom and tomato, served with chips, not salad. £7.75

Crab Cakes    £8.50

Home-made Italian style crab cakes, with spicy pepper and fennel sauce on the side, a handful of gourmet chunky chips and house dressed mixed salad. 

The New Alternative Shoulder                                                                                                       £13.50

Marinated pork shoulder, precision slow cooked, then pan-fried with a spicy mandarin, coconut and soya sauce to finish. Sweet potato mash and seasonal vegetables on the side.  GF

Seafood Between the Sheets £11.95

Fresh salmon, smoked haddock and prawns layered between sheets of lasagne and a light seafood velouté, finished with Cheddar cheese. Served with green salad. Please note, this dish takes a minimum of 20 minutes to cook.

Shoulder of Mutton £15.95

Slow roasted for 7 hours in rosemary, red capsicum, onions and red wine, with the juices infused into the gravy. Served with seasonal vegetables and creamed potato. 

Farmyard Fracas £12.50

Lamb’s liver and smoked bacon, pan-fried then finished with home-made red wine gravy, shallots and buttered mash. Served with vegetables.

Tantalising Tagine £13.75

Moroccan-style mutton tagine, flavoured with red lentils, apricots, chillies and cinnamon. Served with a wild rice medley and dressed side salad.   GF      

River & Orchard £16.95

Gressingham duck breast, slow cooked at 65 degrees for 6 hours, then pan-seared to finish.    Complimented with a roast almond, sour cherry and balsamic sauce. Served with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  GF       

Modern Mutton Shepherds Pie £12.50

Braised cubes of mutton, slow roasted in a gluten free tomato and pepper sauce. Topped with sweet potato mash and complemented with minted pea puree.  GF       

Partners in Cyder £12.25

Fresh salmon fillet, grilled and served with a white wine, crayfish, cider and parsley cream sauce. Served with a selection of seasonal vegetables and new potatoes.  GF        

To Finish

If you enjoy your lunch time meal but still have a little room left then why not enjoy one of our delightful homemade desserts. Examples include: Sticky Toffee Pudding, Crumble, Chocolate Brownies and Crème Brulée.

Prices of individual items as of 27th February 2019. Individual dishes may vary slightly.

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Food images are:Modern Mutton Shepherd's Pie, Ploughman's lunch with mixed cheeses, and our Italian Style Crabcakes