Evening Menu

New for 2019, some old favourites join some new ideas. Please find samples below, or for the full menu please click here.


Florence and the Soldiers                                                                                               £6.95

Crispy poached free-range egg on a bed of sautéed spinach and cheese velouté, with bacon soldiers.  

Pearls of the Sea                                                                                                               £8.25

Three Queen Scallops on a bed of celeriac puree and micro leaf salad dressed in a nutty vinaigrette.   V   GF

Langostino Bruscetta                                                                    Starter £7.95  Main £14.50

Shell-off King prawns sautéed in garlic butter, served hot on toasted Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia with cherry tomatoes and a rich Pesto dressing.

Vegetarian Bruscetta                                                                     Starter £7.25  Main £12.50

Char grilled courgette, red onion, peppers, and cherry tomatoes, sautéed in garlic butter. Served hot on toasted Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia with a mixed leaf salad, chunky  tomato hummus and Pesto.   V



The Shoulder of Mutton                                                                                             £15.95

Our signature dish! Welsh mountain mutton slow roasted for 7 hours in rosemary, red   capsicum, onions and red wine, with the juices infused into the gravy. This is a Mutton dish hard to beat! Served with buttered mash and seasonal vegetables.

Chicken Burger                                                                                                           £11.75

Butterflied chicken supreme marinated in a Cajun rub, then cooked in Garlic butter. Topped with Cheddar cheese and Tomato chilli jam. 

Vegan Burger                                                                                                              £10.50

Home-made vegan burger, stacked with cooked mushroom, avocado slices and tomato chilli jam. 

Chicken Coo                                                                                                                £13.50

Chicken, ham, chorizo, red peppers and onion casserole with a puff pastry lid. Served with winter vegetables. 

The New Alternative Shoulder                                                                                   £13.50

Marinated Pork shoulder, precision slow cooked, then pan fried to finish. Served with a mandarin and soya sauce and sweet potato mash.   GF 

Tantalising Tagine                                                                                                      £13.75

Moroccan style tagine of mutton leg, flavoured with red lentils, apricots, chillies and cinnamon. Served with a wild rice medley and dressed side salad.

Leaves Between the Sheets                                                                                      £12.25

Crumbled Feta cheese, beetroot slices, pine nuts, fresh rocket and spinach leaves layered between sheets of lasagne, a rich tomato sauce and a creamy cheese sauce. Served with a mixed side salad.  V



Our desserts are always home-made and exceedingly tempting. Here are some stable favourites, other desserts do change quite often...

Sticky toffee Pudding with hot sticky sauce and vanilla ice-cream

Seasonal Fruit Crumble with a choice of either hot custard, cream or  ice-cream.

Crème Brulee- with varying flavours- Chocolate Orange, Baileys, Spiced Ginger, Raspberry...

Soft Walnut Chocolate Brownies served with Choc-chip and honeycombe ice-creams and hot choco fudge sauce and fudge pieces.

All desserts listed are £6.50 each. Ice-creams are priced by the scoop at £1.95 and Cheese and Biscuits with Port are £7.95.

 For the kids menu, click here.


We are often asked to cater for special occasions. For large parties of 15 or more who request a 3 course meal, we would recommend a set menu. These dishes are often taken from our current Evening Menu (as below)  and mixed with either dishes from the past, or requested favourites. If you are thinking of holding a dinner party and would like further information about our set menus please contact Wendy on 0118 947 3908.


           We are proud members of the Mutton Renaissance Club.




Prices of individual items as of 8th January 2019. Individual dishes may vary slightly.


Food images are: Our famous Shoulder of Mutton, Duck fillet with summer fruit sauce, Thai Taster and our home-made burger (now served differently)