Covid-19 Re-opening the pub in May 2021

Keeping everyone safe during this time.

Please rest assured that we are taking every precaution to open our pub safely during this time. Here are a few ways in which we are doing this.

Social distancing and the grand plan:

Before even entering the property you will know where your table is located. You will find your seat and a waitress will come over to you with disposable menus, and a glass filled with cutlery and napkins. No table will be booked in at the same time as yours.
Everyone (diners and drinkers alike) will need to call ahead (even if from the car park) to be allocated a table. For the purpose of Track and Trace all customers will be politely asked for their address, as well as the usual details.
You will notice random tables placed to keep the customers spaced out. We have carefully measured each table’s positioning to comply with the 1m+ rule. We have planned a one way system, where possible, with the usual entrance now the main exit and main entrances being via the conservatory.
We ask that you do not stand at the bar for too long.
There is one sanitising station point, but hand gel will be available throughout the pub.
Salt and Pepper have been removed from the tables and will need to be requested. Sadly, cushions, curtains, flowers, the finer details that make our pub homely, have had to be removed. Surprisingly the pub still looks quite jolly, thankfully.

Ordering food or drink:

Being a traditional pub we will continue to take orders at the table with good old fashioned pen and paper. You may have to shout it out while we stand a metre away from you though! Food will be placed down and removed rapidly. Time stood with customers will need to be kept to a minimum.


All staff will have their temperature checked on arrival at work. They will be supplied with a choice of face coverings, and gloves. They have been told to wash their hands after clearing every table, on top of how frequently they already wash their hands- which is pretty often in the restaurant business, let me tell you!


We are a family friendly pub and often see parents taking their children into the toilet. For this reason we have devised a system where we are not covering over any toilets or urinals. Signs will ask that your table visits the toilet together, or as much as possible. On the front lobby door you will see a flip sign with ‘Engaged’ and ‘Free’ on it. It will be up to you, the customer, to turn the sign as you go in and again when you go out of the toilets, to change it over. Of course there are real locks within the cubicles for total privacy, as per usual.
Toilets will be checked and cleaned at regular intervals, but for your own peace of mind you will find toilet wipes on top of the cistern and antibacterial spray by the basin.

Cashless Payments:

We are, for now, asking for credit card payments only. Tap and go!

Private Functions:

We are very experienced when it comes to private functions, especially Funeral Receptions/ Wakes. We have already catered for one and it has gone exceedingly well. We have in place a few rules, which you can find on the Funeral Reception page here. But nothing too extreme!


We have always been considered a very clean and well maintained pub. The staff have been made fully aware of the new working practices.  Our customers are extremely well behaved. We have total confidence that we can make your dining out experience as pleasurable as possible, whilst maintaining full safety from the pandemic. If you are concerned about anything during your visit, please do let us know immediately. We’d rather hear it in person than via a website or social media.


 We thank you for your custom and wish you all good health.


Updated 2nd July 2020