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The Shoulder of Mutton is the perfect venue for romantic date nights, midweek catch-up meals, parties and everything in between. The Main Menu is served both lunch and evening, with meal sizes to suit all appetites.


We cater for all dietary requirements, and many dishes can be altered to allow for allergies and intolerances. But many people find this unnecessary as there is generally something tasty for everyone. We also don’t mind if you wish to bring in your own GF bread or milk alternative, it’s actually very helpful.


The Main Menu is a great starting point when designing a party menu, or set menu. Please see the examples attached. Alternatively there are 3 buffet menus to peruse for ideas when planning a party.

Booking is always advised, because the food is fresh and additional staff are called in to help out on busier shifts.


For the Children's Menu please click here.

For the current Wine List please click here.




           We are proud members of the Mutton Renaissance Club.




Prices of individual items as of February 2023     Individual dishes may vary slightly.


Food images are: Our famous Shoulder of Mutton, Duck fillet with summer fruit sauce, Thai Taster and our home-made burger (now served differently)