Garden Menu


Here are just some of our dishes. The full menu can be found in an Adobe file on the click option below.


Bill and Ben Bread  (Serves 2)                                                                    £5.25

Ciabatta bread topped with home-made garlic & herb butter and Cheddar cheese. V


Langostino Bruscetta                                                                                  £14.50

Shell-off King prawns sautéed in garlic butter, served hot on toasted ciabatta, with cherry tomatoes and a rich Pesto dressing.


Tuna Flake Cakes                                                                                       £12.25

Home-made Italian style tuna fish cakes, with spicy pepper and fennel sauce on the side, a handful  of gourmet chunky chips and house dressed mixed salad.


Home-cooked Ham                                                                                     £9.25

With two fried eggs and gourmet chunky chips. Served with mixed salad, dressed in our own house dressing. GF


Shoulder of Mutton                                                                                      £16.95

Slow roasted for 7 hours in rosemary, red capsicum, onions and red wine, with the juices infused into the gravy. Served with seasonal vegetables and creamed potato.


River & Orchard                                                                                           £17.25

Gressingham duck breast, slow cooked at 65 degrees for 6 hours, then pan-seared to finish. Complimented with a roast almond, sour cherry and balsamic sauce. Served with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  GF   N


A Classic Coo                                                                                              £13.95

Chicken, ham, wild mushroom, red peppers and leek casserole, topped with creamed potato and served with seasonal vegetables.


The New Alternative Shoulder                                                                    £13.95

Marinated pork shoulder, precision slow cooked, then pan-fried with a spicy mandarin, coconut and soya sauce to finish. Served with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables arrive on the side.  GF


Seafood Between the Sheets                                                                    £13.95

Fresh salmon and smoked haddock layered between sheets of lasagne and a light  seafood velouté, finished with Cheddar cheese. Served with green salad.


Warm Chicken and Bacon Salad                                                              £13.95

Hot chicken breast cooked with smoked back bacon, served with hunks of Stilton cheese and mixed salad. Dressed in our smoked house dressing, with croutons and  olives.


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We still offer all dishes as a takeaway option.

Enjoy the taste of the Shoulder in the comfort, warmth and safety of your own home.           

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Garden Opening Hours-

Thursday & Fridays 12-3pm, food until 2pm

Saturday & Sunday 12-3:30pm, food until 2pm


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Prices of individual items as of 10/12/2020     Individual dishes may vary slightly.


Food images are: Our famous Shoulder of Mutton, Duck fillet with summer fruit sauce, Thai Taster and our home-made burger (now served differently)