Quintessential Summer Fork Buffet


Here's looking towards a warm and sunny 2021...22 summer... and the chance to celebrate again!

The following menu is designed for both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting, for those who want to play it safe.


The Menu

Samosas, spring rolls and olives with bread on arrival.


Choose 3 of the following main dishes:

Cold meat platter

English cheese and biscuits with chutneys and trimmings

Poached side of Salmon served with fresh lemon

Chicken thighs coated in a sticky BBQ glaze

Asparagus, pea and white wine risotto

Chicken and leek Terrine.


Choose 2/3 of the following side dishes:

Spicy Coleslaw with cheese and Jalapeños

Beetroot, tomato and red onion

Melon and cucumber

Mixed leaf salad dressed in Caesar dressing

Pasta and three bean salad with vinaigrette.


Choose 2 of the following carbohydrates:

Warm buttered new potatoes with mint

Potato salad with home-cooked ham and mayonnaise

Organic white baguette

Foccacia garlic bread

Jacket potatoes.


Choose 3 of the following desserts:

Mini strawberry Pavlovas

Large Bourbon Vanilla Crème Brulee

Fruit salad with Passionfruit sorbet

Sticky Toffee Pudding with hot sticky sauce and vanilla ice-cream

Home made Lemon cheese cake.



Minimum 25 people, maximum 80 people

£23.50 per person during the midweek,

£25 per person Friday night to Saturday night


For the full printable menu please click here.


Prices accurate as from October 2020.